Are You Part of the IPv6 Global Change?

The World IPv6 is already set on June 6, 2012 but as early as last year ICANN and other other agencies concerned with the rapid growth of internet has been conducting IPv6 prelaunch and campaigns and top companies has already switched to IPv6 and dropped the ageing IPv4. The question now is are you aware or your companies IT team on the global IP change that is to happen this coming June?

IPv4 was able to provide IP addresses up to four billion but the current population now is more than 7 billion so surely there will be a shortage of IP addresses. Another thing is that most internet users has more than one device like a laptop, a desktop, smartphone, tablets and even console games which requires separate and different IP addresses. Definitely IPv4 will not be able to handle the rapid growth of internet users and thus IPv6 must be implemented.

Just last month, almost 6,700 IPv6 networks were publicly routed on the Internet and more to come in the coming months and also Internet service providers, web companies and home networking equipment manufacturers around the world are asked to permanently enable IPv6.

The major challenge is getting everyone ready for the big change, IPv4 is running out and it is essential that the internet community must play their part. If you work in an internet service provider company or even work as a web developer, there are steps in which you can help yourself and your company be ready in the coming IPv6.

Here are a few steps that can be helpful:

1. Appoint A Project Manager / IT in-charge – It is essential that the company appoints a team head to oversee the changes from IPV4 to IPv6 and its effects in your services. If you are providing web services and your hardware and network are not in compliance with IPv6 then problems will arise.

2. Talk To Your ISP – Probably as of now your ISP provider has switched to IPv6 but they will not tell you about it yet. It is the best thing to call them and ask them regarding the changes from IPv4 to IPv6.

3. Identify the Hardware and Network Infrastructure To be Upgraded – You can call your manufacturer and inquire for upgrades and the latest IPv6 compatible hardware and network components. Since IPv6 has been the buzz in the internet comunity, your manufacturer has probably upgraded all their products to IPv6.

There are only 4 months left before the big switch to IPv6 and most of us probably have not even heard of IPv6 but it is essential that we are aware of it for a simple glitch in the system can cause a major problem in the industry and the global change from IPv4 to IPv6 is not just a simple glitch of a system.

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